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      Pro Tekt Flight Cover Spine

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      Product Details

      Pro Tekt Flight Cover Spine

      Ensure your golf clubs are well-protected during travel with the Pro Tekt Flight Cover Spine. Designed to be used in conjunction with a golf travel cover, this simple yet effective tool provides an extra layer of protection for your valuable clubs, preventing damage during transit.

      Key Features

      Easy Assembly & Adjustment: The Pro Tekt Flight Cover Spine is simple to assemble and adjust, making it user-friendly and convenient for all golfers.

      Adjustable Length: The spine can be adjusted from 55 cm to 135 cm, allowing for a customized fit to suit your specific travel needs.

      Three-Section Design: The spine adjusts in three sections, providing flexibility and stability within your golf travel cover.

      Club Protection: Offers robust protection for your clubs inside your golf travel cover, ensuring they arrive safely at your destination.

      Universal Fit: The 18 cm diameter top is designed to fit most golf travel covers, making it a versatile addition to your travel gear.

      Why Choose the Pro Tekt Flight Cover Spine?

      Traveling with your golf clubs can be stressful, but the Pro Tekt Flight Cover Spine provides peace of mind by offering superior protection. Its adjustable length and easy assembly make it a practical choice for any golfer looking to safeguard their equipment. The universal fit ensures compatibility with most travel covers, making it an essential travel accessory.

      Pro Tekt Flight Cover Spine

      Pro Tekt Flight Cover Spine
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