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Odyssey EXO Putters

  • BY: Steve Cole
  • June 14, 2018

Odyssey EXO Putters


Odyssey have been the #1 Putter amongst Golf professionals and amateurs for years. With the EXO putters range Odyssey have basically made the best possible putter and they can and then worked out the price rather than making a putter to hit a certain price point. The Exo putters are truly the best the could every be.


The Odyssey EXO putter range are as forgiving as they can be. Off centre strikes will lose less power and accuracy than on any putter you will or have ever have had the pleasure of using. The Microhinge insert ensure the ball starts rolling forward the moment you strike it.


Odyssey Have used multi-material construction around the light weight 6061 milled aluminium centre to deliver an incredibly high MOI (moment of inertia) for significantly more consistent ball speeds and directional control.


The Odyssey EXO putters range is built across 7 different shapes, all designed to give more control, more feel and more consistency, bringing your scores and handicap down!


I often hear people ask why so expensive? Its only a putter? well you will use your putter more than any other club in your bag, so there is an argument to say it should be the most expensive club in your bag. I also know after over 25 years experience as a golf professional, you have to like the look and weight of a putter, to put well with it and some people will hole more puts with a ropy old putter than a brand new one if they particularly like the old one however, The Odyssey EXO putters will give you more chance of getting the ball close, and holing more putts than any putter, because of its intricately made design. It will deliver more consistency than any putter you will ever use.


#1 Putter in golf #odyssey

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