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Introducing Bettinardi putters

  • BY: Steve Cole
  • May 8, 2017

If your bad scores are directly correlated to putting could a new putter solve your problems?

I may just have the answer to this…

A guy I play with has been struggling the last few months finishing what he started - and when it comes to a decent score this is demoralising to say the least.

He had spent days on the putting green, adjusting his grip, focusing directly on the ball, focusing on the hole, not looking up until after the ball is on its way, softening his grip - you name it he had tried it - until today!

I could see him admiring my putter, so I suggested he give it a try. When it comes to putters you are hard pushed to beat Bettinardi. Perhaps the industry’s most reliable putters, with their one piece technology that literally transformed the way a putter was made - not only eliminating any human error but also the precise attention to even the smallest of details, it is clear to see why Bettinardi is favoured among many pros and novices alike.

The way they strive for perfection really can help you do the same, a combination of precision, performance and excellence helps set them apart form the rest.

Today I was using the Bettinardi Studio Stock #28, a putter that has earned multiple tour wins, but today it showed my colleague that for not only is an element of skill required to achieve success - but having the right tools for the job really can make a difference. He could putt! Now don't get me wrong, he didn’t roll every single ball into the hole, but what he did do was finally lower that score.

Perhaps it was the slight toe hang, or maybe even the famous F.I.T (Feel Impact Technology) face giving that softer feel at impact - I couldn’t actually say for sure - but what I do know is he was straight in the golf shop after our game trying out the complete offerings of Bettinardi looking to upgrade his own putter!

Perhaps this was coincidence, perhaps all he needed was a change - but just perhaps Bettinardi really can transform your putting skills.

See our wide range of Berrinardi putters here

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