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Introducing Arccos 360

  • BY: Steve Cole
  • May 2, 2017

The popularity of smart phones over the last decade has been unprecedented, and if you look through the list of apps available it is safe to say there is an app for pretty much everything.

Including golf.

Yes that’s right - the device is essentially sensors that relay information back to the free app on your phone. Cleverly it uses GPS to track where you are and every shot that you hit on the course.

You get 13 regular sensors and one putting sensor. All you have to do is screw them on to the butt of your club, and then they can be paired up to your phone. When you take a shot, it is detected, then when you choose a different club for the next shot, it is able to calculate how far that previous shot was. Clever stuff. Most importantly and perhaps most useful of all it provides you with data about all of your rounds!

Tracking includes the % of greens hit, % of fairways hit, distances, eagles, birdies, average drive and longest drive to name a few. Perhaps most helpful is that you can compare these stats not only as a per round basis, but also comparatively against other rounds previously played. This is great for seeing where you can improve, where you have improved - and even which of your clubs give you the most effective results.

This is one app that I may actually revisit after the initial download - and with a little bit of luck it will help me improve my game.

Do not be put off by people that may have used Arccos previously, like many technologies and advances in their infancy, there were some features which needing enhancing, but the app has been updated many times over the past few years and it is safe to say this really does hit that sweet spot.

You can buy it now here.

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