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Callaway Mac Daddy 4 Wedges

  • BY: Steve Cole
  • May 23, 2018

Callaway Mac Daddy 4

New for 2018, the Callaway Mac Daddy 4 wedges are performing already, winning the 2018 golf digest hot list gold medal !


A innovative new groove-in-groove technology creates more spin for that extra bit of control we all crave for around the greens.


The Callaway Mac Daddy 4 wedges, comes in 4 different grind options, 19 different loft/bounce options and 2 different finishes a standard platinum chrome or a matte black.


Callaway have been clever with this one, the lower wedges (52 degree and below) have the 20D groove for a more consistent spin on longer shots. This is helpful as most golfers can generate enough spin on a full shot, infact some create too much spin and there’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you flush a shot all over the pin, only for it to pitch pin high and spin back off the front of the green. The higher lofts on the Mac Daddy 4 wedges (54 degree and above) have the 5D groove, cut more aggressively giving more spin from shorter shots and fluffy lies.


There are 16 grooves on the face with a small extra “nip-it” groove near the leading edge. But callaway haven’t stopped there, inside the grooves Callaway have cut a series of aggressive micro grooves giving extra spin. This all sounds like technical blur, but you really will have to try them to notice the massive difference it makes. Weather its because my old wedges were 6 months old and wearing out or if they really are that good I’m not sure, but I can honestly say I have noticed the difference since putting them in my bag.

Callaway Mac Daddy 4

You need to think, when choosing the grinds on the Callaway Mac Daddy 4 wedges, the C grind is designed for medium to shallow angles of attack, the S Grind gives moderate heel relief through impact promoting a solid contact on open face shots. The W Grind has a wider sole that prevents the club from digging in the ground causing the fat shots we all hat. Finally the X grind if for the moderate to steep attack angles and for medium to soft course conditions. All in all there’s one here for you, we just need to pick the right one!

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