Mizuno Club Fitting

Get fitted at our Rayleigh Golf Range



Mizuno Swing DNA ImageMizuno LogoAt our Rayleigh Golf Range we use Mizuno Shaft Optimiser and Swing DNA system to custom fit you to Mizuno clubs. This has been the industry’s leading fitting system at local golf club level since its introduction in 2009.

Mizuno’s Swing DNA system can shortlist the best matched 3 irons shafts in just 10 minutes from over 40 options. You can then test the outcomes and identify the set make up best suited to your unique Mizuno Swing DNA using our Flightscope launch monitor. Then we can order your unique clubs with Mizuno to be in your hands just 5-7 days later from Mizuno's assembly line in Scotland.

Fittings start from £30 per session and 50% off all fitting charges are refundable against the final purchase. 

Call our Rayleigh Golf Range on 01268 781706 for more information or to book.

For more information visit Mizuno's Custom Fit page: golf.mizunoeurope.com