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      Loyalty Points

      How do DGS Loyalty Points work?

      • Everytime you shop with us online you earn a point for every pound you spend. Example: Spend £100 and earn £1 to spend on a subsequent order. 
      • These points will be allocated to your account automatically. (You must set-up and account on our website and sign in everytime you order).
      • Points can then be used on purchases to save money. (Minimum points that can be used on a purchase is 100 and they can only be redeemed in 100 increments)
      • Redeem your points on a purchase by adding them in the checkout process under 'Apply Reward Points' (You must be logged into your account first). You can use your points in 100 point increments to the maximum you have allocated to your account or tick 'Use maximum' to use the maximum available on your current purchase. 
      • *Please note: Points are NOT earned when you use a discount voucher code of any other special offer (If points allocation is stated at checkout these will not be authorised to your account, apologies)
      • Points are revoked if you return an item for a refund. If you have laready used the points on a subsequent order, your refund will be reduced to their value instead.
      • Points can't be earned or spent in any of our stores, these can only be earned or spent on our website.
      • Points expire after 1 year.


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