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      Custom Fitting at Discount Golf Store
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      Rayleigh Custom Fitting Studio

      To improve your game book now! Call 01268 781706

      Our new state of the art custom fitting studio at our Rayleigh Golf Centre is up and running. Our GC2 monitor with head measurement technology takes thirty thousand photos per second, so we can tell you EXACTLY what's happening at the most important time of the swing, impact! As a large retailer with access to the whole market, we not only provide the right equipment, we also ensure the best prices.

      Our team of expert fitters are always on hand at our shop in Rayleigh to offer you an elite and personalised custom fitting to suit you and your needs, not only as an individual, but most importantly your personal play.

      Selecting the correct golf clubs and equipment is a critical component in achieving your true potential when out on the course, and with Discount Golf Stores we have an extensive range to help you appreciate the true significance that your golf clubs factor in to your performance.

      With our expert advice and fitting service perfecting your putting and sharpening your swing could be easier than you think.

      We are Fitting Partners for:
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      Telephone:01268 781706

      The store is located at:

      Rayleigh Golf Range

      Rear of Carpenter's Arms

      London Road

      Rawreth, Wickford

      Essex. SS11 8TZ

      Already know your custom fit measurements?

      If you already know your measurements & want to purchase a set of clubs then please call us on 01277 218714 or email us: with your full custom fit measurements and the clubs you require.

      Our customers are delighted with the results from their custom fitting:

      Hole in one!

      "Just to let you know after a fitting session with with your fitter on the 19th Sept, I purchased a new set of Wilson irons.

      Played the warren golf course last week, the second round with the new clubs, and aced the 14th 182 yard par 3 with the 5 iron!

      Bearing in mind I've been playing once a week on average for the last three years and have never had a hole in one, you can imagine I'm rather pleased with the new irons!

      All the best, Dave"

      More info

      Do I need my golf club's custom fitted?

      Do I need my golf club's custom fitted? Do I need longer or shorter clubs? Or maybe fatter or thinner grips? Maybe 2 degrees upright or a little flat? What loft do I need on my driver? What shaft? Graphite or steel? Why do I get so much spin on the ball? It's obviously a minefield and I am going to try to help you as much as I can.

      My name is Stephen Cole; I have been a PGA Golf professional for 28 years and have been in golf retail for 29 years. I employ over 25 staff, many of whom are also golf professionals. We pride ourselves on selecting equipment that ir right for your game. We will never switch sell you onto something that may suit us, to sell you like many of our competition do. If you would like to be custom fitted in one of our shops then please contact your local store.

      Over the years I have seen all sorts of shapes and sizes playing golf and obviously not all clubs will suit everyone.

      There are basically 2 ways in which to custom fit. Firstly, and where most people start is by taking your static measurements.

      From these measurements we get an idea of what club should suit you providing you have a pretty good swing. This is where it gets hard. Now too truly custom fit someone you should use a mixture of static measurements and dynamic measurements. Dynamic measurements are readings that we take from your swing. Tape is placed on the face and the sole plate of the clubs and balls should be hit. The marks that are left on the tape tell a trained technician what clubs suit you. I.e. if the face tape shows that balls are hit out of the toe 70% of the time then a slightly longer club would mean the ball strike would now be in the middle. If the tape on the sole plate shows that the toe of the club is hitting the ground first, then the clubs are too flat for you and need to be made more upright.

      I am a beginner; do I need custom fitting?

      If you are between 5'7" & 6'1" and have pretty standard-length arms then I would recommend you but a standard set. Why? If most beginners hit 10 balls, they would be all different swings, so which swing do I fit you for? As you practice and improve your swing will hit a groove and become more consistent. This is the time to get custom fit.

      In summary I would recommend anyone who has been playing for a reasonable time to get at least measured. If you need some help then feel free to come and see us or if you are too far away then please feel free to call us. If you would like some sole tape or face tape then send us an email with your name address and measurements on and we will send you some tape through the post with some recommendations on how to take your measurements. Once you have completed the tasks call us and we can help you decide what you need.

      What effect do ill fitted clubs have on the ball strike/flight?

      Common causes of a slice - Grips too thick, Clubs too flat (toe digs in the ground) Shafts too stiff.

      Common causes of a hook - Grips too thin, clubs too upright (heel digs in the ground) shafts to flexible.

      Hitting the ball fat - Shafts too long.

      Hitting the ball this - Shafts too short.

      I could go on and on, but I think you may be getting a little bored now. To find out more then please come and see us. We have a state of the art launch monitor at our Rayleigh branch and trained PGA professionals at every branch.

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